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What You Can Expect of Your Laser Vision Correction Experience


The professionals at Palisades Laser Eye Center are dedicated to giving you an exceptional experience at their practice. From the moment you enter our office, you will enjoy our personalized care. Our techniques and technology allow for very precise diagnostics and surgeries that provide incredible results.

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Initially, patients will come in and we'll perform a full examination and a full array of diagnostic tests looking at the health of the cornea and we'll put dilating drops in to take look at the back of the eye and double check the patient's prescription and we'll meet with the whole team: Our refractive coordinators, our technicians who perform a lot of the diagnostics tests, and then meet with me for an extended period where we talk about all their concerns and we talk about the procedure that's best for them. So, after their initial consultation, they decide-the patient decides to have surgery, we will give them a packet that discusses what to do pre and post-op and part of that is that they'll start some eye drops a couple of days before, we'll have them discontinue their contact lenses if they wear them for preferably a couple of weeks before the surgery. The procedure can take about 10 minutes, per eye. So it'll take about 20 minutes. We'll do a post-operative check right after that and put some eye-shields on to help protect the eye, some sunglasses for any light sensitivity. While they have the anesthesia on board, which can last for up to an hour, there really should be no pain, but as it wears off is when some discomfort occurs.