Wake Up to Clearer Vision with Presbyopia Treatment


Presbyopia involves a loss of flexibility to the natural lens of the eye. This condition usually becomes more noticeable as we get older - especially in our mid-40s. Presbyopia can be treated surgically, including with refractive surgeries, or IOLs.

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Presbyopia is a misunderstood condition. It's when the lens inside the eye which is responsible for focusing on near object becomes less flexible with time. It happens in everybody. It starts in early adulthood but doesn't become noticeable in most people till their mid-40's. Lot of people misname it as astigmatism, near sightedness, far sightedness. It's really not any of those. It's simply the decrease in flexibility of the lens inside the eye. When it occurs, patients who have good distance vision will usually require near vision glasses, something maybe even the counter but patients who wear distance spectacles will require maybe a bifocal to help with their near visions as well as distance. It can be treated surgically. When patients are presbyopic and they are having refractive surgery, we can offer model vision where one eye is corrected for distance and the other is corrected for near. Not every patient tolerates that, so we do trials in the office if they can manage the difference between the two eyes. The other types of surgical treatments involve cataract type surgeries where the lens of the eye is removed and a new implant is placed and one the premium intraocular lenses is used to help correct distance in your vision.