Premium Intraocular Lens

Premium Intraocular Lens to Enjoy Crystal Clear Vision


The standard implant for a cataract surgery allows for one focal distance. These monofocal implants do not correct astigmatism, or vision problems at other distances. Fortunately, our premium interocular lenses (IOLs) can correct astigmatism, and allow you to see clearly at near and far distances.

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A standard implant after cataract surgery is typically called a monofocal implant so it offers one focal distance. Its limitations are that it doesn't correct preexisting astigmatism, or it doesn't have a bifocal effect to help in your vision as well. So we offer the full gamut of what are called premium lenses to help correct preexisting astigmatism and to help reduce the need for near vision glasses while at the same time maintaining excellent distance vision.