Boost Your Quality of Life with LASIK Eye Surgery


LASIK is a popular surgery that reshapes the cornea to correct refractive errors. This quick procedure can produce fast and dramatic results with little to no side-effects. Candidates are broad ranging, and many report an incredible emotional response in being able to see the world clearly following treatment.

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LASIK is a surgical procedure on the cornea, the surface of the patient's eye, to reshape it and help correct refractive errors. Candidates can be from a broad range. There's no one ideal candidate. It depends a little bit about what the patients are expecting. Certainly patients who are younger, in the 21 to 45 age range, can expect to have a correction where they will not need glasses afterwards. Patients who are over 45 wear the lens inside the eyes. When it starts to become stiffer, we'll have some trouble with near vision, and they aren't candidates for the procedure. But they will still need some help for near vision at that point of their lives. A good candidate for surgery is anybody who wears glasses for distance vision, but particularly in the age range of the mid 20's to mid 40's because those patients don't require near vision and distance vision as well. So the LASIK procedure is pretty quick, depending on the patient. You can usually have both eyes performed within 20 minutes. Well, the nice thing about LASIK is because recovery is so quick the patients have a rapid change in the quality of their vision and the quality of their life. It can be quite emotional for them. They can be almost euphoric. The next day a lot of patients have such a great response to the procedure.