Glaucoma Screenings and Treatment for Optimal Eye Health


Glaucoma is a condition that involves progressive damage to the optic nerves, usually due to pressure inside the eye. Glaucoma treatment is wide-ranging, and can include eye drops or laser procedures. For more advanced cases, surgical options are available as well.

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Glaucoma is progressive damage to the optic nerve, typically associated with elevated pressure inside the eye. Patients, typically, have no symptoms in early stages of Glaucoma. It can become quite advanced before patient notices any decrease in the quality of their vision. So its very important to have routine eye examinations where the ophthalmologist can detect the damage early before the patient has any symptoms. Treatment can prevent further progression of the Glaucoma and if the damage continues, then patients can have significant decrease in their peripheral vision to the point that it will encroach on their central and can result in blindness. Typically, early treatment of Glaucoma is with topical eye drops, once or twice a day typically. Laser procedures can also be used to treat the pressure inside the eye. If these are ineffective, then surgical procedures can be put forward as well. Some people feel that Glaucoma treatment can reverse the damage to the optic nerve but that really can't be done. The patient should expect, their goal of treatment should be to keep the disease from getting worse. With eye drops, typically, it doesn't impact their lives at all, especially if the disease can be detected early but if they present it to us with advanced disease then it could be more difficult to keep their quality of life above from the impacted [inaudible 00:01:26]. Most adults should have at least one routine eye exam and then, the risks of Glaucoma can start to be assessed at that point. If you have a family history, you may want to have more routine visits even at an earlier age. When patients are over 50, once a year eye exams are recommended because the incidence of block only does increase with time.