CustomVue™ for a Personalized, Precise Refractive Surgery


CustomVue™ is a personalized vision correction experience that provide incredibly precise treatment. Patients with larger astigmatism are often great candidates. A customized CustomVue™ therapy can also reduce the night vision disturbances some patients experience soon after refractive surgery.

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Traditional refractive surgery using the excimer laser was based on the refraction where you might have sit in the chair, and the doctor he says, "What's better, one or two?" To find the refraction, that's the standard or traditional LASIK. It's the custom to add to that by actually taking a what's called a wavefront analysis. It shines a light into the eye and then captures the outcoming light and analyzes the difference and creates a correction based on the shape of the wavefront that's coming out. And that's a customized treatment that's unique to the person who's having the treatment. So CustomVue™ has some advantage over standard Lasik. Again, the range of CustomVue™ is a little less than standard, so not everyone fits into the range. But especially patients who have larger astigmatism it can be more accurate because it helps align the correction better. It also helps reduce the incidence of night vision disturbances that people have in the early stages after refractive surgery.