Cataracts Surgery Can Bring Back Your Crisp Vision


Cataracts are a clouding of the natural lens inside your eye. Patients may first experience symptoms involving difficulty reading, especially in low lighting. As the condition progresses, patients may be good candidates for cataract surgery, whereby the natural lens is removed from the eye and an IOL is implanted.

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Cataracts are not a growth, not a film. That's what a lot of people believe when they come into the office. There's a lens inside the eye that everyone's born with that's clear when you're born and as people age the lens starts to become brown and may get white streaks in it. That's called a cataract. When it becomes visually significant to the point that effects the patient's vision, even with correction, with glasses, it's reasonable to consider removing the cataract. And those are candidates for cataract surgery. Patients typically have trouble reading. They need brighter and brighter light to read. Stronger reading glasses. Those are the early symptoms. As it progresses, patients will have trouble reading signs, seeing things in the distance, trouble watching television, and going to movies. The cataract extraction is we do to correct visually significant cataracts, where the cataract is removed and a lens implant is placed in the eye. The lens implant is permanent. It doesn't wear out, and patients will have it for life. It's pretty simple from the patient's point of view. It's a fairly quick procedure.