Testimonial ( Patient #3)

LASIK Patient Praises the Work of the Incredible Staff


A LASIK patient talks about the incredible experience he had with Dr. Richard Gordon and his staff at Palisades Laser Eye Center. The team made him feel comfortable, and explained the whole process to him in detail. The day after his procedure, he woke up and was excited to be able to see clearly without glasses.

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I've been looking into getting the LASIK for a couple of years now, and the opportunity just kind of presented itself for me to do that. I did some research and found Dr. Gordon to be one of the more highly recommended people in the area to come to. Everyone here was great. From the moment I walked in everybody was friendly, very helpful, very good at explaining the whole process and everything that I was going to expect. I was able to see just fine. I mean everything was you know, the next day I woke up it was clear as day. I never had that before. You know, I wake up in the morning and the first thing I reach for is my glasses. So not having to do that was a little bit strange. I woke up and I could immediately take a look at the clock and see what time it is without having to put my glasses on. I came in for the follow up and he said everything is going well and I went back to work later that day.