Testimonial ( Patient #2 )

Patient Testimonial: "Miracle" Being Able to See Clearly Again


Maria Malone has been wearing contact lenses since she was a teenager. Ready for good vision without the assistance of corrective lenses or eyewear, she underwent an advanced vision correction procedure with Dr. Gordon. She says her experience was outstanding, and that it is a "miracle" being able to see clearly again.

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I'm Maria Malone. I'm 46, and I've always had bad vision. I've been wearing contact lenses since I was a teenager. I'm been told in the past that I wasn't qualified for this type of procedure, but I have some friends and family that are patients of Dr. Gordon and he came highly recommended. So I wanted to give him a shot and decided to go for it. When I woke up, I actually could see pretty clearly, and I was totally impressed. I just think it's a miracle for me because I could see again.