Testimonial ( Patient #1 )

PRK Patient Has Exceptional Experience at Palisades Laser Eye Center


Patient Dan Blitner received a PRK procedure with Palisades Laser Eye Center. He had an overall exceptional experience, and found all the doctors and nurses to be very professional and friendly. His post-operative care was easy, and he is enjoying fantastic outcomes of clear vision after decades of eyewear use.

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My name is Dan Blitner. I was interested in the PRK procedure, the LASIK procedure. I've been a glasses wearer since I was about eight years old and was given the opportunity to try and take advantage of the services here and go glasses-less. Very exciting. As a little kid I got glasses and started using contacts throughout middle school and high school. Toward college and after college, contact use became a little bit more challenging. I had to switch to dailies... It just became more and more of an issue and I started doing some research, looking into some of the different procedures. Obviously, with the advancements it's gotten really good and I decided to take advantage and go with LASIK. The experience here was fantastic. The doctors and the nurses were extremely professional and extremely friendly. They really took care of every question I had. It can be a nerve-wracking idea. They were extremely comforting and were able to explain everything so that the procedure itself and the post-op recovery was as easy as it could be.