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LASIK Technology Hudson Valley, Rockland, NY

Palisades Laser Eye Center believes that providing the highest quality laser eye care requires the use of the highest quality equipment. Dr. Richard Gordon's Hudson Valley practice utilizes the latest in LASIK technology to ensure that each patient receives the most accurate, successful treatment possible. If you are interested in one of our laser eye care treatments, contact our Hudson Valley office today.


The first step of a traditional LASIK procedure is the creation of a corneal flap. In the iLASIK procedure, however, the IntraLase® laser replaces the microkeratome blade in the flap creation stage, making it less risky and more precise. This extraordinary piece of technology provides a more uniform corneal flap using a computer-controlled laser. Short, quick pulses of energy are emitted from the machine to create thousands of microscopic bubbles that link together and form the flap. The data specific to your eye's anatomy is programmed into the IntraLase® laser to produce unerringly accurate results.


The use of the VISX STAR S4® excimer laser has given Dr. Gordon a chance to reshape the cornea with incredibly precise digital imaging. Once your completely customized refractive correction has been programmed into the laser, it works safely and accurately to complete the second part of the LASIK process. The ActiveTrack™ iris registration built into the VISX® system fine tunes the accuracy of the treatment by automatically positioning and aligning the laser during surgery.


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CustomVue™ is a personalized vision correction experience that is great for patients with larger astigmatism. It can also help reduce the night vision disturbances some experience soon after refractive surgery.

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It has never been easier to customize your LASIK treatment. With the CustomVue™ procedure and WaveScan® technology, Dr. Gordon can reshape your cornea for a virtually perfect refractive correction. Using a digital map of your eye, similar in individualized precision to each of your fingerprints, the LASIK procedure is performed with amazing accuracy. Designed to treat myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism, CustomVue™ further improves the chances that you will be able to bid farewell permanently to corrective eyewear.

Orbscan® II

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Orbscan® is an advanced diagnostic tool to evaluate patients before refractive surgery. It creates a detailed analysis of the eye, allowing for incredibly precise treatments.

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Determining your candidacy for LASIK is one of the most essential steps in the process. Bausch & Lomb's Orbscan® II is one of the most advanced diagnostic tools available in the eye care field today. Capable of mapping over 9,000 points on the eye in less than two seconds, the Orbscan® II measures the thickness of your cornea to determine whether you are a suitable candidate for laser eye surgery.

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If you are ready to free yourself from the hassle of glasses and contacts and want to explore your laser eye surgery options, contact our laser eye care facility in Hudson Valley today.

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