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IntraLase® LASIK Benefits - Hudson Valley, NY

May 5, 2018 @ 12:45 PM — by Richard Gordon
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The corneaAt Palisades Laser Eye Center, it is our goal to enhance patient vision and improve their overall quality of life. One way to do that is to use the latest LASIK technology, which improves the safety and overall results of laser eye surgery procedures.

The team at our Hudson Valley, NY vision center would like to consider IntraLase® and how it can benefit patients. After reading this post, you will understand why so many surgeons are taking a bladeless approach to LASIK surgery.

How IntraLase® LASIK Works

In the past, LASIK required the use of small surgical tool known as a microkeratome. This blade was used to create the flap in the epithelium (the topmost layer of the cornea). While safe and accurate, laser eye surgery technology has moved forward, resulting in the development of IntraLase®.

IntraLase® is a bladeless, all-laser approach to LASIK. Rather than using a microkeratome to create the epithelial flap, IntraLase® allows surgeons to create the flap using a laser. This all-laser approach to LASIK has become very popular, and its key advantages tend to involve increased safety and effectiveness of treatment.

No Need for a Blade During LASIK

The biggest benefit of IntraLase® is that there is no blade required to create the corneal flap. That means less physical contact with the eye, and less chance of a surgical error occurring while performing LASIK surgery.

Even Lower Risk of Surgical Infection

Since there is no physical contact with the eye, IntraLase® lowers the risk of surgical infection. Given, the risk of infection during the LASIK procedure is low to begin with, but IntraLase® makes this risk even lower.

Greater Precision During LASIK Surgery

The microkeratome was accurate and effective for many years, but it does not have the same degree of precision as IntraLase® technology. Precision imaging and computer guidance means the epithelial flap will be as close to perfect as it can be.

Less Risk of Human Error

LASIK surgeons are skilled at their job, but even the peak of humane expertise has certain limits. Mistakes can happen with even the most experienced eye care specialist. IntraLase® helps eliminate the potential for human error thanks to the imaging technology and computer-guided laser. Less human error means better LASIK outcomes for patients as well as surgeons.

Reduced Chance of Post-Surgical Complications

Given all of the safety benefits associated with IntraLase® technology, it should come as no surprise that bladeless LASIK reduces the risk of post-surgical complications. This is one less thing for patients to worry about as they are healing from the laser eye surgery.

Vision Technology and the Way Forward

As you can see, IntraLase® offers plenty of compelling advantages with regard to patient care and vision correction outcomes. That is why all-laser LASIK has become so popular among eye surgeons. As technology continues to evolve and improve, we hope to remain there at the forefront to better serve all of our patients.

Learn More About Advanced Laser Eye Surgery

For more information about IntraLase® and how it can help improve the results of your LASIK procedure, we encourage you to contact the team at Palisades Laser Eye Center. Our laser vision correction specialists will be more than happy to answer your questions and address your concerns.