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LASIK Recovery and Computer Use - Hudson Valley

Nov 6, 2017 @ 09:00 AM — by Richard Gordon
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Young couple looking at their electronic devicesIn today’s world, most people spend hours in front of screens. Whether it is a computer, television, tablet, or smartphone, these devices are used for work and leisure. While certainly convenient, these screens can contribute to eyestrain and other issues. Following LASIK surgery, it is important to adhere to certain guidelines that will keep you comfortable during your healing.

At Palisades Laser Eye Center in Hudson Valley, NY, our doctors offer LASIK to correct common types of vision impairment and reduce the need for glasses or contacts. Today, we discuss LASIK recovery and computer use, and how following a few recommendations can help you achieve a successful outcome.

How Screens Affect the Eyes

Dry eyes are a common side effect of LASIK surgery. Therefore, lubrication is an extremely important aspect of the healing process. While your doctor may prescribe artificial tears to encourage corneal healing, the primary method of lubrication is achieved through blinking. During computer use, most people blink approximately half as many times as they normally do. Infrequent blinking can exacerbate dry eye symptoms, leading to redness, irritation, discomfort or pain.

Guidelines for Computer Use While You Recover

Immediately following your LASIK procedure, we recommend that you completely avoid computer screens for at least 24 hours. This includes watching television and using tablets or smartphones. The first day is the most critical time for healing. Therefore, it is important to rest with your eyes closed as much as possible during this time.

After the first 24 hours, screen use may be gradually reintroduced. However, it is important to limit computer use for at least seven days following your LASIK treatment.

After LASIK Treatment

Once the initial recovery period is complete, you should be able to use screens without compromising the success of your LASIK procedure. However, it is important to practice a few guidelines to keep your eyes lubricated and healthy. These recommendations include:

  • Blink Frequently: Become more mindful about blinking, and try to do it often. This is especially beneficial when using a computer. Many patients find that a simple reminder written on a sticky note is helpful.
  • Use Artificial Tears: Lubricating eye drops are beneficial, even long after your initial recovery. Be sure to keep a bottle nearby so you can refresh your eyes whenever necessary.
  • Use the 20-20-20 Rule: To prevent unnecessary eyestrain, look away from the computer screen after 20 minutes of use, then focus on an object that is 20 feet away for 20 seconds before resuming your work.
  • Rest Your Eyes: Quality sleep is vitally important when it comes to eye health. During sleep, the eyes recharge and key nutrients are replenished.

These guidelines are extremely helpful in preventing complications following LASIK. They are also a good rule of thumb to follow for patients wishing to preserve their vision and practice optimal eye care.

Will I Require Reading Glasses While Using a Computer?

LASIK typically reduces or eliminates the need for glasses or contacts, and most patients will not need reading glasses while on the computer. However, it is important to note that presbyopia, or age-related farsightedness, can develop in patients over the age of 40. This condition typically requires the use of reading glasses, even in patients who have undergone LASIK in the past. If you notice blurred, hazy, or strained vision while using the computer, we recommend you schedule an appointment for an eye examination to determine if reading glasses will be helpful for you.

Learn More about Recovery after LASIK

Knowing what to expect regarding any procedure is helpful for alleviating anxiety and worry. If you would like to learn more about LASIK treatment or effective recovery tips, schedule an appointment at Palisades Laser Eye Center. To speak with a team member, call our office at (845) 364-9767 or contact us online anytime.