The Four LASIK Post-Operative Appointments You’ll Need

LASIK Post-Operative Appointments - Pomona, NY

Mar 6, 2017 @ 09:00 AM — by Richard Gordon
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LASIK Post-operative AppointmentIf you are considering LASIK, you have probably researched the requirements for candidacy, what the procedure is like, and the potential outcomes. What you may have overlooked is the LASIK post-operative appointments. While these are certainly not a reason to change your mind about getting LASIK, they are an important factor if you need to request any time off from work. At Palisades Laser Eye Center in Pomona, NY, our doctors can explain each of the four follow-up visits you’ll need after LASIK.

1. Next Day Visit

Your first post-operative appointment will take place the day after your surgery (roughly 24 hours later). Although you may feel that your vision is clear enough to drive, you should have another adult bring you to this first follow-up visit. During this appointment, we will remove the bandage contact lenses placed over your eyes after surgery.

In addition to evaluating the healing progress of your eye, we will also evaluate your vision at this time. While you may be seeing much clearer, it can take a few days or more for the blurriness to truly subside. If your vision is at least 20/40 at this appointment, your doctor can clear you to drive. We will provide you with the paperwork you need to have your driver’s license updated.

2. One Week Post-LASIK

You will return for your second post-operative appointment about a week after your LASIK procedure. Although you may have been cleared to drive, you may be noticing that your vision fluctuates. This fluctuation is normal, but if you have concerns, your doctor can address them at this time. We will once again evaluate your healing progress as well as your vision. You should continue using any antibiotic or steroidal eye drops as directed, but you can generally begin sleeping without an eye shield after this appointment.

3. Three to Four Weeks after LASIK

In three to four weeks, we will perform a standard eye exam and vision test. This will give us a better idea of how much your vision has improved. Fluctuations are still common at this point, but they will become less and less frequent. Usually by this time, most patients can resume their normal levels of physical activity. Make sure you discuss all activities with your doctor before returning to them. He may recommend wearing protective eyewear for certain activities.

4. Three to Six Months Later

Within three to six months, any fluctuations you experience should be few and far between. At this point, you will have returned to your normal physical activity levels, usually without any eye protection at this point. We will once again evaluate your eyes and vision. If you have any questions or concerns about fluctuations or other problems with your vision, you can ask them at this time.

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