Driving after LASIK: When Is It Safe?

Driving after LASIK - Pomona, NY

Feb 6, 2017 @ 09:00 AM — by Richard Gordon
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Driving after LASIKLASIK has become one of the most popular laser vision correction procedures. With a success rate of more than 97 percent and short recovery periods, more and more patients are turning to LASIK. The procedure can reduce your dependency on glasses and contacts, and the vast majority of patients achieve at least 20/40 vision, if not 20/20 vision. Despite being a quick procedure, there are still steps you must take to ensure a successful recovery. At Palisades Laser Eye Center, our doctors will provide you with all the information you need for your recovery, including driving after LASIK. Contact our Pomona, NY eye center today to learn more.

Immediately after Surgery

Immediately following your surgery, you can expect your vision to be a little blurry. This is partially due to the numbing drops used on your eyes prior to the procedure. As the numbness wears off, your eyes may feel sensitive to light for several hours. This can cause your eyes to water excessively, which can blur your vision even more. Therefore, it is important to have another adult drive you home following your LASIK procedure.

First Follow-up Visit

You will return to our office the day after your surgery for your first follow-up visit. Even if you feel the blurriness has faded and your vision has improved, you should still have another adult drive you to this appointment. Once we evaluate your healing progress and eyesight, your doctor can clear you for driving. We can only clear you to drive if you meet the legal requirements for driving without the need for corrective lenses. In most states, the requirement is 20/40 or better.

Updating Your Driver’s License

Once we clear you to drive, we can also provide you with paperwork to take with you to your Department of Motor Vehicles office. This paperwork can allow the DMV to remove the restriction of corrective lenses from your driver’s license. The DMV will issue you your new license and you can drive without restrictions.

Driving To and From Work

We do not recommend returning to work until you are cleared to drive. In general, if you cannot drive, you probably cannot perform all the duties of your job either. We recommend taking a couple days off from work so you can fully recover. Certain jobs and work environments are not conducive to healing after LASIK, so it is better to take some time off. Unless your doctor says otherwise, once you are cleared to drive, you can return to work.

Learn More about Driving after LASIK and Other Activities

For a comprehensive list of the activities you should avoid in the first day or so following your procedure, contact Palisades Laser Eye Center. Our doctors will make sure you fully understand our post-operative guidelines so you can have a smooth and complication-free recovery. Patients who follow our guidelines see the greatest success and satisfaction with their LASIK procedures.