Reducing the Risk of Infection After LASIK

Hudson Valley Reducing LASIK Infection Risk

Feb 6, 2015 @ 09:26 AM — by Richard Gordon
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A woman pointing at her eyeAt Palisades Laser Eye Center, we offer patients throughout the Hudson Valley the most advanced laser vision correction possible. This includes state-of-the-art LASIK surgery to address refractive errors. The procedure is extremely effective at treating nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism, and it is safe as well. With the issue of safety in mind, we'd like to take a moment to look at the risk of infection following LASIK.

How likely is the risk of infection after LASIK?

Thanks to modern surgical techniques and technology, the chance of infection after LASIK is relatively low so long as patients are careful with their healing and recovery process. The tips provided below will go a long way toward preventing infection as well as other kinds of complications for LASIK patients as they heal.

Following Pre-Op Instructions Is Important for Wellness

Healing really begins before the surgery is even performed. That's why it's important for patients to follow all of their pre-op instructions to the letter, such as avoiding tobacco products and alcohol. (You'll also want to avoid tobacco and alcohol after LASIK until advised otherwise.) By preparing to heal properly, the risk of complications goes down immensely.

Wear Your LASIK Goggles as Instructed

LASIK goggles are provided to be worn after LASIK surgery has been performed in order to ensure a problem-free recovery. These goggles protect the eyes from accidental rubbing, itching, or scratching when a patient is asleep. The LASIK goggles also protect the eyes from particles in the air. The LASIK goggles are relatively comfortable, and are usually worn all day for the first day or so and during sleep during the first few days.

Avoid Pools and Hot Tubs After LASIK Until Advised Otherwise

Pools and hot tubs are both potential sources of infection even if they are otherwise sanitary. Your LASIK surgeon will tell you to avoid these places until your eyes have sufficiently healed from surgery.

Attend Follow-Up Visits as Scheduled

Follow-up visits are scheduled with your LASIK surgeon in order to monitor the progress of your healing and address any concerns that may be present. Be sure to attend all of these visits as scheduled as they will be crucial for healing in the long run.

Modern Technology Helps Reduce Infection Risk

We alluded to the ways that modern technology has made LASIK even safer and less prone to complications such as infection. One of the most important technological advances in this regard is IntraLase®. Rather than using a physical tool to create a flap in the cornea, IntraLase® allows surgeons to do this with a laser. This means less chances for human error as well as less physical contact with the eye that could contribute to infection.

Truly, the LASIK performed today is the safest and most effective form of the surgery to date. As technology continues to progress, further strides will be made with regard to both safety and accuracy.

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