Benefits of Custom Wavefront LASIK

Oct 10, 2012 @ 05:28 AM — by Richard Gordon
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Pomona Custom LASIK, WavefrontIt has been well over a decade since the United States Food and Drug Administration approved the use of the excimer laser in refractive surgery, and over that span, millions of people have been relieved of their dependence on prescription glasses and contact lenses. At our Pomona laser vision center, Palisades Laser Eye Center, we have an extensive history of success in correcting myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), and astigmatism through LASIK surgery. Most of our patients have been able to bid farewell to corrective eyewear, achieving 20/20 or better vision after surgery.

As many people who depend on glasses or contact lenses to see clearly can attest, 20/20 vision does not mean flawless vision. This is because glasses and contact lenses can only correct the most common and universal refractive errors. Likewise, traditional LASIK surgery, while highly effective, was only able to resolve nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. It could not correct the minute, highly individual errors in the shape of the cornea, known as higher order aberrations. These flaws could not even be identified by the eye exams of the past, let alone corrected. So while a person’s distance vision, for example, might be restored to the point that corrective eyewear was no longer necessary, the acuity of that vision - the crispness of details, the vividness of colors - might still be less than optimal.

Fortunately, wavefront technology has revolutionized the LASIK procedure. At our laser vision center in Pomona, custom LASIK with wavefront technology makes it possible for us to correct both common visual errors and higher order aberrations. This helps to ensure not only that our patients will be more likely to gain freedom from their glasses and contact lenses, but also that their uncorrected vision will be sharper and more brilliant than they’ve ever experienced in their lives, with or without corrective lenses.

What Is Wavefront LASIK?

Wavefront technology enables our eye care professionals to capture a finely detailed, remarkably precise three-dimensional digital image of your eye. This image, or wavefront map, is a near-perfect representation of the landscape of your eye, including microscopic flaws in the shape of the cornea. Through the use of sophisticated computer software, the wavefront map is used to guide the excimer laser as it reshapes the cornea.

Our Pomona LASIK patients who elect to undergo the wavefront variation on traditional LASIK benefit from a truly customized procedure. This is because the wavefront map will be absolutely unique to you; there are no two eyes alike, even among a single pair. The data used to control the excimer laser will be entirely unique, down to the most fractional detail. This is possible only through wavefront technology.

It is worth noting that wavefront technology can be used in refractive surgeries other than LASIK, as well. Those patients who are not suitable candidates for LASIK may be able to achieve similarly excellent results through custom wavefront PRK. The only difference between the two procedures is in how the underlying corneal tissue is accessed. The actual corneal reshaping phase of both procedures is identical.

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